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Concrete imaging in the Indianapolis Indiana area

Concrete Scanning Equipment

Have you ever needed to know the location of structural reinforcement, electrical conduits in or beneath a concrete slab?

Maybe it was an untraceable utility such as clay tile sewer pipe, plastic and PVC water pipes, or concrete storm drains and sanitary sewers?

A good GPR service is an efficient and cost effective tool to non-destructively locate such targets in the Indianapolis, IN area.

In recent years, breakthroughs using ground penetrating radar (GPR) have begun to make a significant impact in imaging reinforced concrete structures and untraceable utility pipes or storage tanks. No other non-destructive technique or technology can be used to provide rapid, accurate, high-resolution images into concrete when the backside of the concrete is inaccessible.

Slabs poured on grade, backfilled tunnel walls, airport runways, roadways and parking lots. All these structures are easily imaged and surveyed with ground penetrating radar (GPR) when concerns and problems arise from the standard methods that are used.

This real-time NDE technique quickly locates the position and depth of post-tension cables, rebar, and electrical or fiber optic conduits embedded in concrete, eliminating dangers associated with cutting, drilling or coring and the high costs required for their repair if cut or damaged.

In cases where the backside of concrete can be accessed, the considerable costs and hazards associated with using radiographic imaging to inspect concrete are eliminated.

Our GPR service saves time and money, and has no safety hazards associated with its use. Accurate target location within a concrete slab-on-grade, wall, or a supported slab can be achieved more quickly, safely, and economically with GPR services instead of other existing techniques.

With these features used in concrete imaging, utility locating, rebar and post tension cable detection, interruption of operations in commercial office buildings, at airports, or in hospitals can be eliminated or minimized with a good GPR service professional.

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