Before starting a renovation of a concrete structure, it’s imperative to make sure you know what’s below the surface before you begin cutting, coring or drilling. Without utilizing GPR scanning or imaging, you run the very real risk of damaging rebar, post tension cables, embedded structural beams, and utility services either within or directly below a slab.

Knowing the precise location of these hidden objects is crucial for a safe renovation without setbacks and unexpected expenses. It also ensures structural integrity and minimizes possible downtime and eliminates untimely surprises in a safe and non-destructive manner.

Accutek Radar Imaging offers a detailed view of what’s within and beneath your concrete slab as well as a subsurface imaging throughout your property. This process yields real time results, which are not possible with traditional X-Ray methods and only requires access to one side of the areas to be inspected. Our GPR concrete scanning process is far more efficient and productive than traditional X-Ray and only requires access to one side of the slab. Utilizing GPR is also safe, and does not require the evacuation of the public or other personnel. It can be performed during normal business hours, keeping you on budget and on time!

Along with concrete slabs, our system offers a quick and efficient inspection of CMU block walls, floors, ceilings, roofs, columns, beams, decks, encasements, pylons, balconies, bridges, tunnels and more. We can identify metallic and non-metallic utilities, conduits, rebar, post tension cables and voids in and beneath slabs and slab on grade. GPR concrete scanning can also accurately measure slab thickness.


  • Provide safe areas to core drill, avoiding structural reinforcement, conduits, and radiant heating systems and under slab beams
  • Locate and map rebar, pre and post tension cable systems in both vertical and horizontal concrete
  • Locate safe areas to anchor mechanical and seismic sensors
  • Identify utilities beneath a slab on grade prior to trenching
  • Accurately determine slab thickness, both elevated and slab on grade
  • Inspect CMU block walls to determine the presence of grout and rebar and verify proper structural detail pattern
  • Locate and identify voids within and beneath concrete slabs, floors, columns, and beams.
  • Accurately determine material coverage thickness over structural reinforcement systems

No job is too complex for ARI’s highly trained professionals! We are standing by to provide prompt and precise concrete imaging services at your project location.


“Scott, I wanted to take a minute to thank you for the services that you have provided over the years. Your timeliness is second to none. In our world, everything needs to be done now and I truly appreciate that when I call you are there to respond. Your equipment is state of the art and I have yet to encounter a situation that Accutek was unable to handle. Thanks again for your professional and prompt service. I look forward to our continued relationship.”

– BJL Project manager