Accutek Radar Imaging utilizes the best utility locating (EM) equipment and GPR equipment available, giving our clients every resource at our disposal to provide the most thorough and superior service available anywhere in the world today.

Using the latest GPR technology, ARI is able to accurately identify the location of utilities at your job site, ensuring a safe working environment while mitigating the risks of financial and timely setbacks.

Surprisingly, your state 811 system only locates public utility services, which makes everything beyond the meter YOUR responsibility. They will not mark privately owned facilities. These privately owned utilities include electric, gas, sanitary, telecom and water services after the point in which the product is metered. Facilities such as hospitals, airports, business parks, industrial complexes and shopping malls and learning institutions each have privately owned infrastructure systems that connect throughout their facility.

The best way to avoid unwanted surprises during your next build or renovation is to use ARI’s cutting-edge GPR and utility locating services. After we locate these utility services, your team will have the information they need to safely and accurately drill, cut or excavate without damaging your valuable infrastructure. This insures your project remains on time, without the risk of injuries and unexpected repair costs.


We can locate the following types of underground utilities:

Phone, Data, Fiber-optics, Electric, Gas, Water, Sanitary & Storm


“Scott, I wanted to take a minute to thank you for the services that you have provided over the years. Your timeliness is second to none. In our world, everything needs to be done now and I truly appreciate that when I call you are there to respond. Your equipment is state of the art and I have yet to encounter a situation that Accutek was unable to handle. Thanks again for your professional and prompt service. I look forward to our continued relationship.”

– BJL Project manager